Sample Lecture Topics

Here are some of the topics that are typically explored during the fellowship term:

What is leadership anyway?

Human happiness and pleasure

Finding the leader in you

Love and marriage and relationships

Shabbat and holidays

Women and Social Activism

Is there a God and what difference does it make?

Understanding various forms of activism

The Arab Israeli conflict

Skill development in leadership training

Understanding the problems facing the Jewish people today

Wonders of Jewish History

Why do good things happen to bad people?

Opportunities to make a difference on campus and beyond

A Theory of Making Ethical Decisions in Medicine (Abortion, Euthenasia, Brain Stem Research): When do we go to a doctor and when do we go to a rabbi?
How do we decide from whom to seek advice?

Terms for Détente: What can science teach us and what can it not?

The Mind vs. Brain Debate: A Case Study of Science and Philosophical Insights.

A Historical Look at Dostoyevsky’s Famous Question: “Can civilized men believe? Can Unbelieving men be civilized?

Let There be Light: Modern Scientific Discoveries Reveal the Biblical Metaphor.

Talmud: “The Best of Doctors are Destined for Hell”: Understanding the ethical trials facing a scientist in his profession.

Religion without Science is Blind: Understanding the Symbiotic Roles of Science and Religion.

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